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Originally published in Insight Center’s September 2016 Newsletter.

As our country weighs its future, the need for a national conversation about economic inequity is as great as ever. At Insight, we’re working to change the dialogue around economic security by connecting lived experience to policy change and bringing to light the hidden mechanisms behind economic inequities.

Data is essential to this effort — we need the research, the hard facts, to give weight to the living proof that we know, see, and feel in our communities. But our conversation also demands to be rooted in the human lives that give rise and real meaning to this data.

Our data needs a face — many faces.

In our effort to shine a light on Hidden Truths, we’re excited to explore two new channels for sharing the lived experience of economic and racial inequality.

In our new Stories series, we’ll hear from folks, of all backgrounds and in their own voice, on how their lives have been shaped and affected by economic insecurity and the larger systems at play.

In our upcoming podcast series, we’ll talk with more people about their lived experience, as well as experts in the field and fellow agents of change.

Stay tuned!

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The Insight Center for Community Economic Development’s mission is to help people and communities become, and remain, economically secure.

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